Every day is a good day to create

We focus on craftsmanship, innovation and aesthetics
and try to combine these values in our daily collaborations.

What we make is who we are

Next to our collaborative projects we have our own collections.
It’s our playground to improve our craft and creativity in order to surpass ourselves.
Our purpose is to make what other don’t.

Share to learn

We love to share what we do, on social media, but also in real life.
That’s why we organise workshops, welcome interns and make our ateliers open for everyone.

Bartender aprons for VEDETT

We made this women and men bartender aprons for VEDETT and café Flamingo (Brussels).

Leather aprons for Fingerfood Truck

We created a bunch of custom leather aprons for Fingerfood Truck.

NIYONA for Gentlemen’s Factory

We are happy the french brand Gentlemen's Factory contacted us to create...

Marie Warnant

We're proud to present our ambassador, brussels bases singer-songwriter, Marie...

Commerce Design Brussels Awards

Our flagship store, Hello James, in the Rue de Laeken (Brussels) has been awarded by a Commerce Design Brussels award.

Purple Rain Collection – Déclaration intime

Tout au long de notre vie nous vivons des moments intenses qui resteront gravés à jamais. Ces moments, ces anecdotes, sont la clef de notre...

Handmade in Belgium

Unizo rewards NIYONA with the label Handmade in Belgium. Unizo, the association of Belgian entrepreneurs, has introduced...

Wheels and Waves

We had the chance to be partner of the Weels and Waves in June 2014.

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