Extrakto, extract of the Niyona savoir-faire

EXTRAKTO - Extract of the Niyona savoir-faire. Edition in Paris. A getaway to Paris, a way to travel and an expertise to show.

Heritage House

NIYONA is now available at Heritage House ! Heritage House is a place where you can feel people’s passion for their craft, see what their potential is when combined on or around a table and enjoy the experience they trigger.

Wheels and Waves

We had the chance to be partner of the Wheels and Waves in June 2014. Wheels & Waves is an annual event, an eclectic cultural proposition based on various influences.

Le Stella for Queen Mathilde

The Joyful Entry in honor of King Philip and Queen Mathilde. The Joyful Entry is the ceremonial royal entry; The first official peaceable visit of a reigning monarch, prince, duke or governor into a city.