Are you interested in making your own leather handbag ?
Or did you acquired already some basics, have knowledge in leather working
or if you simply finished one of our two first leather courses ?
You will now learn how to make a handbag and return home with your very own piece based on a “tote-bag”.

This leather course will be given on two days,
on dates agreed together after your reservation.



Based on a “tote bag”,
in a very small team of 2 or 3 persons, you’ll learn all the different operations to produce your very own bag.


First day
– Take a good look to our existing tote bag and try to draw your own version of this bag
– We’ll take a look to all the drawings to verify the good and bad things
– While you learned how to make the patterns in our initiation course, we will now make the right pattern for your bag
– Make the cardboard totally yours by drawing and cutting out your design
– After creating the cardboard template we will cut our leather
– Analyse the next steps to do and prepare the leather for the next assembling phases
– Stitch some parts of the bag and prepare the parts for next day

Second day
– Analyse the phases still to do
– Take the accessories and buttons you need to finish the assembling of the bag
– Stitch the bag with help of the artisan*
– Make the handles of the bag with care
– Explanation of the tools you will use for the finishing touches
– Apply the double filet on the leather
– Use the right iron to make the finishing touch
– Apply edge painting patiently, three to four times
– Between each edge painting use a fine sandpaper to equalise the leather smoothly

* Our artisan will stitch the leather by machine so you can focus on the most important phases


In a two days course, you’ll own your personal handbag made by the new leather crafter on the block: you!

The price for this course is 550 euros(drinks included).
The price also includes all materials (leather, lining, hardware, …) and use of tools.

(The courses are given in both French and Dutch (or English) and a minimum of 2 participants is required.)

Address : NIYONA – Rue de Laeken 86 Lakensestraat – 1000 Brussels.

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