“Ukiyo” Collection

A collection of desirable objects named “UKIYO”, meaning the ‘floating world’.

Union Cardholder / NIYONA

Our Union cardholder is small and practical but also symbol of unity and infinity. Made out of full grained bovine leather, reflected in our national colours with a subtle but visible colour transition.

Het Beest

Thirteen bovine leather skins, kilos of feathers and foam, meters of black-burned steel and countless hours of hard labour…. Don’t say ‘couch or sofa’, but let us introduce… “Het Beest” (the beast)

Amelia / NIYONA

Handbag and accessories We identify ourselves daily. This by our clothing, hair style, brands, jewellery etc. Tattoo and body decorations are also a big part.

Skull Tank / Harley-Davidson

For Harley-Davidson Capital of Europe (Brussels), we customised a leather tank of a Forty-eight Sportster and showcased it during the Fastest Fashion Show in Tour&Taxis.