Niyona, a fine leather workshop & design studio.

NIYONA is an independent studio specialized in the design and production of high-end leather goods, combining sound expertise with a taste for the unusual. The studio was founded in 2010 by industrial designer and craftswoman Nina Bodenhorst and executive producer and craftsman Jonathan Wieme.

Approaching craftsmanship in a refreshing way -while pushing the boundaries of creative design and actual manufacturing- NIYONA takes on innovative and exciting projects, which reflect its core values and unique savoir faire. Playing with the idea of the mad scientist, the whole team loves to experiment with leather and enjoy themselves, turning NIYONA into an unconventional research lab. Based in Brussels, Belgium, the studio has the ability to carry out individual projects from start to finish, allowing them to be designed, developed and produced in-house. NIYONA therefore has the ability to offer each client a customized product and specific solution, which take quality, originality and functionality into account.

Imagined as an interactive and dynamic platform, NIYONA is as comfortable with one-of-a-kind artistic works as it is with larger scaled orders, given its flexibility as an independent company. Placing human relationships and fruitful dialogue at the heart of their process, NIYONA takes the time to understand and accompany their clients throughout the design and production stages, listening to their wishes and considering their needs, while coming up with relevant proposals at every key moment. This willingness to share their knowledge -and also learn from their clients- means that each project is handled with the same care, attention and precision. Paired with impeccable service, this sensitive touch and sense of involvement make this studio different from others, where design and manufacturing rarely go hand in hand.

If you have a specific request, going from sketching, design, prototyping or make a unique product, feel free to contact us or visit our studio
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Working with several local tanneries, which deliver high-quality, sustainable and traceable skins, NIYONA selects leathers that fit the desires of its clientele, making sure the offer is as wide as it is personalized. Since 2016, Nina Bodenhorst and Jonathan Wieme have been collaborating with Radermecker, a reputable Belgian tannery, which develops and produces exclusive hides for them. This allows NIYONA to monitor variations in texture and adapt finishes. Full-grained bovined leathers are, for instance, vegetable-tanned with mimosa tanning, and hides can be controlled and processed accordingly.

NIYONA has created customized and exclusive leather goods for the likes of Maison Vervloet and designer Jean-François d’Or, Bon-Bon**, Bozar Brasserie*, LaPaix*, Couvert-Couvert*, Castor*, Jérémy Girvan from GJ Cook, print makers Piece of Chic, master butcher Dierendonck, eyewear artisan Ludovic Lunetier and tannery Radermecker.

Envisaging luxury in a contemporary way, NIYONA underlines the organic appeal and timeless beauty of leather, showcasing its versatile and unexpected sides.

Niyona Fine leather products & design studio

Nina Bodenhorst is officially recognized as craftsman by the Belgian government, awarded with the Handmade in Belgium label (UNIZO), the Commerce Design Brussels Award, the International Design Awards and the national “Vitrine de l’Artisan” 2016 contest, which rewards the best craftsmen of the year.

One of the key strengths of NIYONA is to offer multiple options to its clients. Discover our services here.

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