Design studio and manufacturing workshop

Leather craftsmanship with a multidisciplinary approach.

Niyona designs and shapes leather pieces created as part of exclusive series
for brands, designers, artists, fine dining restaurants and (interior) architects.

An idea, a sketch, an object, a place, an identity…while each project request begins in a different place,
the end purpose is, without exception, to translate a vision that matches the description of the commissioner.


The Shaker System by Kvadrat/Raf Simons is a new concept for the home, resetting how we live and creating beauty from order.

Moon Box / Granada Gallery

Based on our series of ‘Surface’ boxes, Jochen Leën and Granada Gallery asked us to create a bespoke moon stone and jewellery box.

In Vein Kurozan / Ben Storms

Part of the Ben Storms collection, In Vein Kurozan is a special edition made in collaboration with our studio. The straps are made of Kurozan leather, a precious leather obtained by tanning and lacquering Japanese Kuroge Wagyu hides. It results in an elegant black finish with a remarkable texture that is also known as ‘diamond leather’.

Headboard / Alexandre Lowie

Leather intervention on this bespoke headboard made by Alexandre Lowie for Gallery Casa Argentaurum.

Granite Paris

For restaurant Granite (Paris), we explored for the first time the combination between leather and real stone.

Envelopes / Mirazur

For one of the finest restaurants in the world, Mirazur (FR) and his chef Mauro Colagreco we designed and produced a series of leather envelopes.

Menus folios / LE39V

Handmade menu folios. Comes in two different sizes with signature relief. Made in collaboration with graphic studio Soins Graphiques (Paris) for Restaurant LE39V and his chef Frédéric Vardon.


SAVILE is a unique and one-of-a-kind rowing boat. Tailormade to order, crafted to perfection, with an exceptional eye for detail.

MANIERA 21 – Bernard Dubois & Isaac Reina

MANIERA 21 is about twos: two designers, two practices, two materials, two craft firms, two ways of seeing. The edition shows a joint project by the Brussels-based architect Bernard Dubois and the Paris-based designer Isaac Reina.

Table accessories / La Table de Maxime

For two-starred Michelin restaurant “La Table de Maxime” in Belgium, we’ve designed and produced a series of table accessories; going from some small leather covered boxes (used as bill holders), A4 menu binders and A5 wine list covers.

“Ukiyo” Collection

A collection of desirable objects named “UKIYO”, meaning the ‘floating world’.

Rolling suitcase

The rolling suitcase, a bespoke trunk made under our signature label “Bodenhorst” for a private client in Los Angeles, CA.

Eyewear Cases / Daniel Bernard

We designed and handmade a small series of eyewear cases for Daniel Bernard, a French bespoke glasses artisan.

Winecard Cases / Bon-Bon

For restaurant Bon-Bon** we’ve designed and created 4 exclusive cases and according wine cards.

Table Concept / Castor

For Restaurant Castor* we’ve designed and produced a combined and evolving table set that accompanies the guests in the different phases of their meal moment in the restaurant.


This black backpack is entirely handmade, saddle-stitched with a leather goatskin interior. The backpack features interior compartments and a rigid exterior pocket.

Jardin d’Hiver / Bozar Restaurant

In 1928 Belgian architect Victor Horta created the Centre for Fine Arts (Palais des Beaux-Arts), first cultural House in Europe, with inside the Fine Arts Restaurant.


This art wall, "Lusitania", representing a series of waves left by the RMS Lusitania when leaving Liverpool in 1907.

Bartender Toolbag / LIB

We've designed and created this unique bartender toolbag for the cocktail master "Life Is Beautiful" (LIB) in Brussels, one of the finest cocktail bars in town.

Leathercase / Bon-Bon Origins

Unique and bespoke leather cases for the Antoine Van Loocke knives. Handmade exclusiveley for Restaurant Bon-Bon** and the collaborative dinners Bon-Bon Origins.

Watch trunk with winders

Watch trunk with watch winders. Handmade in white grained bull leather, natural calfskin and Alcantara for the interior. Mounted on solid African Paduk wood that you find also in veneer under the handle.


Special order of a bespoke and unique attaché case for a private client. Using navy full grain calf leather with camel Alcantara lining. Finished with solid brass accessories with a nickel galvanisation.

Global Warming 1.77 / Restaurant FRED

« There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in » sung the late Leonard Cohen. That crack is what this piece is about. This (de)composition represents movement, speed, the dynamic of materials. The dark leather and the shining gold illustrate the hopeful chaos, the beautiful fragmentation of the world we live in.

Companion trunk & small watch case

As part of our signature brand, we designed and made a one-of-a-kind indigo companion trunk and small green watch case.

Knife-roll / Restaurant FRED

For two-starred Michelin Restaurant FRED and his chef Fred Mustert, in Rotterdam, we designed and crafted some leather knife rolls and especially adapted for the Florentine Kitchen Knives steak knives.

Modesign Academy / Luxury Management 2017

Modesign Academy is a Fashion, Design, Luxury, Perfume & Cosmetics Management School based in Brussels and founded by Olivier Zeegers.

Blade Guards / Florentine Kitchen Knives

Handcrafted tan natural leather sheaths/blade covers with an integral easy locking and release system to keep your knives protected from scratches, humidity and keeps your edges sharp.

Cabin trunk

We designed and realized a new project, a custom-made trunk in leather and poplar wood. Made in a traditional way in our workshop Niyona.

Small leather goods / Sea Matters

We designed and produced a declination of our small leather goods in fish leather; Our Snap Wallet, keychains and double-turn bracelets.

Knife-roll / NIYONA

We are pleased to introduce you our new creation, a leather knife-roll. Designed to hold 5 standard kitchen knives and having a large side pocket, it will protect your knives and cooking utensils for an easy, light and well-organized transport.


Sometimes a superhero, sometimes an emperor or a ballerina, these capes confer a graceful gait, natural and creative on everyone who wear them.

BAG BAG / Lernert & Sander

Introducing the "Bag bag" by Lernert Sander, an elegant handbag in the shape of the bags under the eyes of Kiki Niesten. Because everyone gets tired of fashion every once and a while.

Leathercases / Komorebi

Komorebi is a Belgian eyewear brand and literally means “Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees”. We designed and produced these specific and exclusive leathercases that come with a pair of Komorebi glasses.

Senbazuru / La Paix

Inspired by the Senbazuru, legend of the one thousand origami cranes, look & feel of the restaurant. We designed and crafted these leather bill-holders for La Paix restaurant and his chef David Martin.

jean & fanny / Maison Vervloet

Jean & Fanny is a set of petanque balls designed by Jean-François D'Or, with a black leather case, co-designed and produced by NIYONA, for Maison Vervloet objects collection.

Bread placemats / BOZAR Restaurant

Seen as the shadow and prolongation of the bread bowl, we conceived and fabricated these leather accessories.

Glasses Cases / Lunetier Ludovic

Combining colours, functionality and refined craftsmanship into this small glasses case is just what Ludovic needed for his clients and custom-made glasses.

Leather boxes / BOZAR Restaurant

We adapted our 'leather boxes' for restaurant Bozar Restaurant and his chef, world champion 'pâté en croûte', Karen Torosyan.

Exotic inlays / Maison Vervloet

For Maison Vervloet, we crafted exotic leather inlays. We worked python and stingray leathers for the Torna collection, designed by Nedda.

Union Cardholder / NIYONA

Our Union cardholder is small and practical but also symbol of unity and infinity. Made out of full grained bovine leather, reflected in our national colours with a subtle but visible colour transition.

Bill holders / Castor

Chef Maarten Bouckaert (previously sous chef of Hof van Cleve) opened his new restaurant “CASTOR”.

Menu holders / Dierendonck

For Carcasse, the meat experience and restaurant by Dierendonck, we've created some leather menu-holder. Leather and colours are identical as our previous project we made for them.

Bartender aprons / VEDETT

We made this women and men bartender aprons for VEDETT and café Flamingo (Brussels). Completely handmade in our workshop in cow leather.

Het Beest

Thirteen bovine leather skins, kilos of feathers and foam, meters of black-burned steel and countless hours of hard labour…. Don’t say ‘couch or sofa’, but let us introduce… “Het Beest” (the beast)

XP-Menu / Bon-Bon

We designed and created a special sleeve for utensils which accompany the "Experimental Menu" at two-star Michelin restaurant Bon-Bon.

Le Rocket / Superpieceofchic

'Suck My Cream' Collection Superpieceofchic designed a rocket ice cream bag.

Placemats / Bon-Bon

We produced several placemats sets for two-star Michelin restaurant Bon-Bon and his chef Christophe Hardiquest. In collaboration with interior achitects Ensemble et Associes.

Le Robert / Superpieceofchic

After the black chic chips bag, we produced last year for superpieceofchic; now it was time to make a more exclusive white variant bag, Le Robert.

Leather aprons / Dierendonck

For the opening of Carcasse, the meat experience and restaurant by Dierendonck, we've created leather aprons and knife-holders. The products received an hydrophobic and grease treatment for optimal protection.

Placemats / GJ COOK

Design and creation of leather sub-plates for chef Jeremy Girvan from GJ Cook. It has been made so you can use it with a variation of colour combination depending of the table set-up.

Purple Rain / NIYONA

Our new women’s collection, Purple Rain, combines a practical but also softer universe. The heart of this collection is bound to a set of personal anecdotes reminding us of the happiness that comes from the most essential things in life and the need for self-expression.

Urban Explorer / NIYONA

The heart of this men’s collection, Urban Explorer, is addressed to all city men with sensitivity for design, object qualities and who loves adventure, crafts and authentic products. It’s a smart adventurer who dares to assert his style. NIYONA offers for him a bag, the Messenger and a Toolbag.

Amelia / NIYONA

Handbag and accessories We identify ourselves daily. This by our clothing, hair style, brands, jewellery etc. Tattoo and body decorations are also a big part.

Smoking Bags / NIYONA

Our Smoking Bags collection; rock and chic, clean lines, original graphics and cutting-edge style. This collection consists of ultra-minimalist handbags, clutches and small leather goods.

Knife bag / GJ Cook

Design and creation of a custom leather knife-bag for chef Jeremy Girvan from GJ Cook.

CHERRY on the bag

How to combine fashion and technology? In fact, CHERRY on the bag has the solution and asked us to collaborate for the product designs; leather and accessory choices and production solutions! The two creators of CHERRY on the bag, Gwen and Patrick, offer a range of bags that are a revolution for the fashion industry; because they created the first interactive bag you can scan with an NFC smartphone.

Skull Tank / Harley-Davidson

For Harley-Davidson Capital of Europe (Brussels), we customised a leather tank of a Forty-eight Sportster and showcased it during the Fastest Fashion Show in Tour&Taxis.