Amelia / NIYONA

Handbag and accessories

We identify ourselves daily. This by our clothing, hair style, brands, jewellery etc. Tattoo and body decorations are also a big part.

In fact, tattoos have been used for centuries as a form of identification. Today this is often a personal memory or experience coupled with a tattoo.

Leather is a material that we use daily in order to emphasize our personality. This can be in the form of a bag or a shoe. But often forgotten that leather is skin. A skin that can be personalized and thereby will give added value.

NIYONA has teamed up with Emilie from La Perla Tattoo Parlor and conceptual designer Linda van Stokkom. Together they designed an exclusive leather collection. The products, from braces to a unique handbag are tattooed (more exactly pyrograved) by Emilie.

The tattoos on the leather collection refer back to our muse Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot who flew across the Atlantic.

Find this collection on our online boutique or in our workshop in Brussels.