Urban Explorer / NIYONA

The heart of this men’s collection

Urban Explorer, is addressed to all city men with sensitivity for design, object qualities and who loves adventure, crafts and authentic products. It’s a smart adventurer who dares to assert his style. NIYONA offers for him a bag, the Messenger and a Toolbag.

The Messenger,

Long gone are the days that a man couldn’t treat himself to a stylish bag. And what a relief that is! Because come on, why on earth would you deny yourself the pleasure of cruising around the city with a good looking bag strapped around your chest? Especially if it’s this messenger bag with its unique vintage look we’re talking about… Carelessly throw this handmade leather bag around your shoulder, or strap it on your back like an old school backpack. And if you like your security as tight as this bag is neat, you can even turn the flap inside out to unravel the reflectors hidden underneath. Perfect for when you need that extra bit of visibility. The inside is just as smart with four practical compartments.Top all that off with premium quality leather and a comfortable strap and you have an irresistible item that suits men and women.

The Toolbag,

You probably have all kinds of tools in the house, one for every possible problem. But what are you going to do when you hit the road? With this handmade leather toolbag, you’re not only prepared for whatever comes you way, but you’re doing it in style too … It actually contains two bags in one. The first one is a handy bag that welcomes all your loose parts. In the second bag, you can conveniently separate your biker tools for quick use. Or your pencils, your mojito shaking equipment or whatever it is you’re doing on the road. Use both bags separately or click them together, roll them up and you’re ready to go.