Purple Rain / NIYONA

Our new women’s handbags collection, Purple Rain, combines a practical but also softer universe. The heart of this collection is bound to a set of personal anecdotes reminding us of the happiness that comes from the most essential things in life and the need for self-expression. “Art” and “self-expression” are the basis of this concept Purple Rain, which are found in every possible form of expression. Starting from a rational and mathematical logic, self-expression and self-indulgence leads to creativity and the creation of new works.

Volumes are derived from standard design and paper sizes to which creativity was grafted. New materials and technologies have been added to the traditional craftsmanship of leather goods: plexi, python or laser engraving for examples. The benefits and virtues of amethyst from “Purple Rain Collection” are symbolically laser engraved. Lining signed PieceOfChic is inspired by the lightness and flexibility of the aquatic world. The soft light inside some handbags illuminates this lining.