The Shaker System by Kvadrat/Raf Simons is a new concept for the home, resetting how we live and creating beauty from order.

In Vein Kurozan / Ben Storms

Part of the Ben Storms collection, In Vein Kurozan is a special edition made in collaboration with our studio. The straps are made of Kurozan leather, a precious leather obtained by tanning and lacquering Japanese Kuroge Wagyu hides. It results in an elegant black finish with a remarkable texture that is also known as ‘diamond leather’.

Headboard / Alexandre Lowie

Leather intervention on this bespoke headboard made by Alexandre Lowie for Gallery Casa Argentaurum.

MANIERA 21 – Bernard Dubois & Isaac Reina

MANIERA 21 is about twos: two designers, two practices, two materials, two craft firms, two ways of seeing. The edition shows a joint project by the Brussels-based architect Bernard Dubois and the Paris-based designer Isaac Reina.

“Ukiyo” Collection

A collection of desirable objects named “UKIYO”, meaning the ‘floating world’.