CHERRY on the bag

How to combine fashion and technology? In fact, CHERRY on the bag has the solution and asked us to collaborate for the product designs; leather and accessory choices and production solutions!

The two creators of CHERRY on the bag, Gwen and Patrick, offer a range of bags that are a revolution for the fashion industry; because they created the first interactive bag you can scan with an NFC smartphone. This allows to access exclusive services such as product info, anti-theft system, one-scan buy and access to the cherry club.

The system consists to put a NFC microchip in the bag to connect your mobile phone. First, you download the CHERRY application on your mobile, then you just have to scan your bag to activate the identification and access the exclusive services.

This amazing project allows you to have a bag as useful as fashion. We made them in 100% full-grain calfskin leather for a smart and trendy look. Features numerous organizer pockets for all your holiday essentials and travel documents. The weekend bag comes with a comfortable detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to travel in style and hands free. There is also a unique printed inner lining, design developed from photos taken on film-based cameras, and inviting you on a voyage of discovery.