Global Warming 1.77 / Restaurant FRED

For gastronomic and Michelin two-starred Restaurant FRED in Rotterdam and interior architect Jeroen Smeele, we were commissioned to produce an artistic wall structure. Together with Atelier Relief we (co)produced and handcrafted this 4m50 x 1m80 leather with golden reliefs structures.

« There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in » sung the late Leonard Cohen. That crack is what this piece is about. This (de)composition represents movement, speed, the dynamic of materials. The dark leather and the shining gold illustrate the hopeful chaos, the beautiful fragmentation of the world we live in.

Interior photos by René Van Dongen.

« Global Warming 1.77 », 2018
Designed and crafted by Atelier Relief & Niyona
177 x 450 x 12 cm
Gold, brass, leather and acrylic glass
Unique piece
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