Jardin d’Hiver / Bozar Restaurant

In 1928 Belgian architect Victor Horta created the Centre for Fine Arts (Palais des Beaux-Arts), first cultural House in Europe, with inside the Fine Arts Restaurant. Today the restaurant is known under the name Bozar Restaurant and led by starred Chef Karen Torosyan.

We had the chance to restyle the Jardin d’Hiver inside the restaurant. Inspired by the colours, the plants and the details during the art deco period we set up a totally new atmosphere in this space with as main elements the big round tables covered with big leather hides. The hides are drawn and finished with specific cuts to create a draping effect and according aesthetics. We did also some research with our tannery to create the right deep brown-red colour we were looking for.

Today some of the elements created for the Jardin d’Hiver has been integrated in the main space of the restaurant.