One of the key strengths of NIYONA is to offer multiple options to its clients, while tailoring services for every new concept. This implies that time is spent listening to the customer’s requirements in order to fully grasp his or her ideas.

Despite being innovative and a tad experimental, the studio prides itself in delivering customized solutions to every client that collaborates with NIYONA. Its broad portfolio may, in fact, be the existing starting point for developing new products, which balance functionality with creative flair. Nina Bodenhorst typically sits with her clients during the first appointment and immediately translates their wishes into a series of sketches or conceptual ideas. This direct and instinctive understanding of the customer’s needs makes NIYONA unique within the landscape of fine leather goods design and manufacturing. Jonathan Wieme acts as the studio’s project manager, overseeing products from beginning to completion.

Depending on the goals clients have, NIYONA offers a large range of services, which nicely fulfill their expectations.


Creating objects from start to finish

Illustrating NIYONA’s expertise within the realm of high-end leather goods, products are designed for clients that struggle finding what they are after on the market. This means that exclusive and original objects are created and developed further by the studio, which are then produced under NIYONA’s supervision. This approach is by far the most exciting for the studio, as it gives an opportunity to come up with completely new products that embody its creative skills. Within this A to Z scenario, the studio comes up with a creative proposal, which is submitted to the client. The NIYONA proposal is the fruit of careful consideration and extensive research, making sure all the client’s needs and concerns are fully addressed.


Developing products from NIYONA’s portfolio

Clients can create an object working from NIYONA’s extensive archive, which allows them to use previously made objects as part of their mood board and visual inspiration. In this case, it is not so much a matter of technical research, but delivering a distinctive product instead, which echoes some of NIYONA’s aesthetic codes and design values. Objects related to design, fashion and gastronomy can be made using this method.


Perfecting a design and overseeing its production

Customers also come to NIYONA to improve on an existing design and correct its possible flaws. The studio has the ability to rework a previous design given its extensive expertise in the field and the skills of its in-house team. It can also source appropriate materials for specific designs, as well as locate correct suppliers. The NIYONA team assesses how a project is technically viable, using its expertise in the field.


Developing samples for a commercial client

NIYONA also makes commercial samples for specific projects. Initial sketches are translated into 3D forms, bearing in mind how technically feasible these shapes should be. Making the relevant choices for key technical aspects implies that rough samples will already feature correct volumes and finishing details. Patterns are also developed by the studio, guaranteeing high standards of prototyping.


Artistic direction and graphic design

NIYONA offers creative direction around the objects it produces for its clients, whether it be elements linked to the actual goods or creative consultancy to position them as strongly as possible. For instance, an exclusive lining can be developed for a handbag shape or a logo can be created with a client, in order to make sure that product and visual direction work hand in hand.


Developing a single object for a private client

Besides designing and producing limited series of leather goods for its clients, NIYONA also offers a made-to-order service, where one individual client can develop his or her handbag style, or any other leather goods for that matter, which must be completely customized.


Leather workshops and education

NIYONA regularly carries out workshops for small groups of people, who want to learn the basics of leather craftsmanship and how to work with quality skins. From acquiring the basics of leather working to making a custom leather product, as well as learning to make a handbag from start to finish and going through the tanning process and specificities of leather. NIYONA personalizes courses for companies as a way to increase team building or learn specific aspects of leather craftsmanship, and also for private individuals who wish to increase their knowledge.


Nina Bodenhorst