De Greef – Catalog 2015

We are happy to collaborate for the photoshoot of the DE GREEF 2015 Catalog…

DE GREEF, watches and fine jewellery designed by Arnaud Wittmann.
In defending the work of craftsmen, Art and creativity, Arnaud Wittmann is certainly a designer who knows both how to find sustenance in his roots and to adapt to new trends. Furthermore, his stamp is recognised by his colourful collections with their generous, ample volumes naturally. His strength lies in the ease with which he creates the made-to-measure in jewellery. The artist creates the jewel of your dreams as you want it…

“Creating jewellery is one of my passions. For more than a decennia, different colours, shapes and precious stones have inspired my everyday life and have helped to guide my pencil strokes. Jewellery transformations have always been my favourite and preferred projects. These nourishing and stimulating challenges helped us to develop a Metamorphosis service. At DE GREEF, imagination reigns just like the image we wish to portray. This is why we have united with other creators who help to promote Belgium’s exclusive inventive dynamism. Jean Paul Knott, Johanne Riss, Carine Gilson, Noë, Niyona and Chocolate Mary are only a few of the excellently elegant suppliers who have helped us with the photo shoots of DE GREEF’s jewellery.”
Arnaud Wittmann


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