Purple Rain Collection – Intimate statement

“Throughout our life, we live intense moments that will remain etched forever. These moments, these anecdotes, are the key to our new Purple Rain collection which is close to my heart. I would like to share some of them with you…

One of them is the magnificent sunny day during a concert. This beautiful day suddenly transformed into a raincloud divinely soft dripping on our faces like a caress of an angel come from elsewhere. And this, in an inexplicable moment: the life of Prince on Purple Rain (Werchter Boutique, 2010). The whole being surrounded by my dear and tender, just a few weeks before the birth of my son, James. I still feel a sense of fullness.

The death of my grandfather, a painter and designer, was another landmark event. It was an immense loss that leaved an emptiness in me that I fill today by designing this new collection, like an ode to each artist in us.

When I created NIYONA, I became a mother at the same time. After four years of hard work, I remembered that I am also the wife and the mistress of my husband. I am, but I must remain so. We sometimes forget to be ourselves. We sometimes forget the happiness that comes from the most essential things of life: the finesse of the pure air, the softness of the rain on our skin so frail… And if only we took the time to enjoy them… to express ourselves from the depths of us?

“Art” and “self-expression” are the basis of this concept Purple Rain, which are found in every possible form of expression. Starting from a rational and mathematical logic, self-expression and self-indulgence leads to creativity and the creation of new works. Volumes are derived from standard design and paper sizes to which creativity was grafted. This process, reflects the idea of “white page anxiety”, which represents the difficulty for a creative to find inspiration. The result reflects the balance achieved by combining rationality, expression and equilibrium, which generates this feeling of fullness that is at the base of the Purple Rain volumes. The lining signed PieceOfChic is inspired by the lightness and flexibility of the aquatic world. But in my opinion has everything from a ‘Rorschard test’, totally abstract and subject to any personal interpretation.

This collection gathers different components of my personality: rationality and functionality combined with art and self-expression. “

Nina Bodenhorst – NIYONA Handbags designer